Amazzal Boucherouite Rug


This vintage Berber Boucherouite is an example of native tribal art from Morocco. In recent decades, artisans have been using recycled materials and leftover textile scraps to create new and interesting carpet designs. This double-sided rug in beautiful shades of red, pink, green, and blue will brighten up any living space.

  • unique piece
  • 235 x 125 cm
Vintage items disclaimer: Many of our Souk Finds are vintage items or new items made from vintage materials. We professionally clean all of our Souk Finds, and make repairs where necessary, but there may still be discolorations, blemishes or snags in the fabric. This is due to the vintage and handmade nature of the items, and we believe that these imperfections are what make this product charming and unique. We hope you do too!